Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RDF metadata supporting coming into Freoffice

Metadata in office documents are represented by RDF  according to Open Document Formats ODF1.2 office document standards.

Imagine you are reading a document and you decide to call a person discussed in the document. well it would be easy if this follows a standard way of representing metadata data about people, location, events, etc.

So here here is a nice demo developed by Sugnan Prabhu in a very short time span  with the help from Jos Vandenoever, great work guys !!

It is particularly very valuable for mobile use case as while you are on the go you can initiate a call, send SMS back to the author to do changes to the document or provide feedback based on the track changes on.

Watch this space for more such innovations but please note not all of them might actually realise soon.

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