Monday, August 23, 2010

Freoffice can be used with multiple languages, check out the virtual keyboard inbuilt

You can write in multiple languages in Freoffice. Check out the Video here:

In the next release you should be able to utilise this keyboard where you can pick which language you would like to write in and start typing in your language of choice. For now we have only few languages hardcoded in the 2.2.9 release available from maemo extras devel repository for Maemo. The Keyboard is developed as a technical feasibility and is not yet designed for best usability hence it is hidden in the current user interface.

In order to try it out open a document go into edit mode and use the "CNTRL+K" key combination to try out the keyboards. You can infact even write in 2 - 5 languages as you see in the video demo :-)

We are interested to see more languages to be added to freoffice, your contributions are warmly welcome, just join us at #freoffice IRC channel in freenode. If you want your favourite language you are welcome to contribute just appear in the IRC channel and join us make this exciting project fun developing :-) Welcome onboard..

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