Monday, August 9, 2010

Freoffice Last week taking a short break before making a big release

Last we had a short break from a busy schedule of  implementing new features in Freoffice @ Bangalore, India. We will soon make a new release with most fixes to bugs spotted by  the early users from maemo garage. 

We also have a lot of cool features cooking in Freoffice project which are scheduled in the next release. all feature put together should make the FreOffice application the most comprehensive mobile office suite. Lets see until we hear from you atleast thats what we think about it. Next Release will be made as soon as we are happy with the fixes and think it is good to use by you. Meanwhile we get it ready for your use please bear with us.

Anyway about our dinner evening, we were probably the only table who had 17 N900's on the table in India :-) having dinner together and trying out the freoffice features at the dinner table.  Thanks mani for finding us a good restuarant !!

You might find some familiar faces, sorry the quality of the picture did not turn out very good.


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