Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FreOffice at Open Office Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

Freoffice is @ the 10th Anniversary of Open Office Conference here at Budapest, Hungary.

Freoffice will take part in ODF 1.2 Inter-operability demo event were we will showcase few new features and demo the only ODF based Mobile Office suite to inter-operate with other Office Suites and in addition we will also demonstrate the brand new features of Freoffice where it supports ODF1.2 features such as :
A. RDF for metadata representation . This feature will have in addition an integration to mobile enablers such as being able to make a call or send an email directly from the office documents and
B. Ability to view digitally signed documents.
Notes: Videos of these are already posted in this blog few days/week ago if you are interested to see what it is about.

Will share the slides which will be used during the demo.

If you are at the event do not miss out participating to the demo session !!
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