Thursday, September 30, 2010

FreOffice Blog Plugin - FOBlog

Finally! The blog plugin is almost ready for use. Only one big bug remains. More about the bug later.
The FreOffice Blog plugin (FOBlog), enables blogging to Wordpress and Blogger blogs from within FreOffice. What makes it different from other blogging tools, is that it extracts content from an already existing ODT file and posts it to the blog. A nice user interface is provided to make things easier for the user as well. All the user needs to do is,
1.Create a new document in FreOffice
2. Save the document
3. Open the blog plugin.
4. Click on New Post
5. Select the ODT file and enter required details.
6. Click on post.
7. Done!!
The blog plugin opens the file, extracts its content, uploads images if any and then posts it to the blog. This post, was done from the plugin itself.
The features supported by FOBlog are.
1. Posting to WordPress & Blogger platforms.
2. Image support for both Wordpress & Blogger
3. Support for multiple accounts on either platform.
4. Encrypted storage of user details. This is shared with the online services plugin.
There are some shortcomings as well. FOBlog does not retain most of the formatting of the text in document. And also there is the big bug I mentioned earlier. All the images in a document, no matter where they occur in the document, appear at the top. As they have in this post.
Barring those short comings, FOBlog is ready for use. Look for it in a few days in the maemo repositories.

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