Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wireless-The way to go

While the work on FreOffice editor was going on, I(Gopalakrishna) and Sugnan Prabhu had a interesting task on hand, we had to put together a remote presentation assistant for FreOffice-KOffice. We planned that in addition to allowing the presenter(user) to remotely control the slide movements we will add remote file transfer, facility for viewing notes, remote pen and highlight tools. Remote pen and highlight tools allows the presenter to draw or highlight on the maemo device and he/she would see the corresponding actions replicated on the projected presentation.
Enabling remote presentation on FreOffice-KOffice involved implementing the highlight and pen tools for FreOffice. Here is the screen shot of the highlight and pen tools running on the N900. These tools are available in the recently released FreOffice version.

The task also involved implementing the communication between the N900 and Desktop/Laptop. This task went on smoothly, thanks to the guidance from Boudewijn Rempt, Thorsten Zachmann and others from the KOffice community. Also suggestion from people here at Nokia; Suresh Chande, Mani and others was of immense help.
The image below is a screen shot of the file transfer taking place between the N900 and the Desktop/Laptop running KPresenter. Also a screen shot of the dialog listing the available devices is given below.

The remote presentation assistant on the desktop is below

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