Monday, July 19, 2010

Presentations from your mobile - leaving your laptop where it belong on the desk :-)

Imagine making presentation you dont need to carry your laptop anymore. Yes with N900 having TV/Out capabilities this is exactly what you can do , keep all your documents in teh device and just using the TV/out cable to connect to the dataprojector and make your presentation. if you want to use your laptop yes you can also connect from the N900 over local network and make presentations. Anyway here is demo
Thanks to Sugnan to make this video and the work done so far this is going to make you view thumbnails and quickly switch between pages and move them incase you decide during your commute to your presentation and make last moment changes. I am excited with this as it will help me a lot as soon as it is ready for use(which is planned soonish now, ready when it is ready nor promises from us yet on this.)

Sounds interesting join us and contribute to make this happen on #Freoffice or #KOffice. Leave your comments or feedback here

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