Saturday, July 3, 2010

Freoffice Viewer a short demo

Here is a short video of how the Freoffice viewer only functionality looked like early this year

and then now how it matured from "Freoffice Viewer"  to "Freoffice"  based a  lot of contribution received by a group of students from India who turned with the viewer into an editor partly. Currently editing capabilities have been extended to only Open Documents Formats for Presentations and Documents. Spreadsheet is in the pipeline and will come very soon.

This is exciting times for Freoffice with a lot of features being developed which will also come out very soon. All the development is happening in the open interested on what is happening or yourself have an idea and would like to contribute join our discussions in #freoffice channel in Freenode IRC servers. ping us there.

Any comments add them here to our blog

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