Saturday, July 24, 2010

Online Services plugin for FreOffice

Hey, there I'm Kaushal. I'm another intern working on FreOffice here at Nokia. I have been tasked with writing plugins for enabling online services in FreOffice. The first part of this project was to do a plugin for online document sharing & storage services like Google Documents & SlideShare. The second part is a blogging plugin.
The first part is done and will be released soon. Once you install this plugin in your Maemo device and open FreOffice, you will get a new button in the menu.

Click on this to launch the login screen. Now select a service, enter your username and password and sign in.

After a sucessful login, you will get a dialog with a list of all the documents, presentations & spreadsheets.

Now, you can select a file and click on download to download the file, or click on upload to launch the upload dialog through which you can upload files to the selected service.

As you can see, only Google Docs and SlideShare are supported right now. And not all files can be uploaded as well. Right now SlideShare supports upload of almost all types of office files. But Google Documents supports uploads of ODT, DOC, ODS, XLS and PPT. And Google Docs upload fails sometimes due to an internal error on Google's side.

In downloads, if downloading from SlideShare, the file will be downloaded in the format it was uploaded. From Google Documents, text documents are downloaded as ODT, spreadsheets as ODS and presentations as PPT. If there are other files in Google Docs, they will be downloaded in their original format.

Here are some more screenshots of the plugin.

Upload dialog for Google Docs, after completion of an upload.

During a download,

After the completion of a download,

I plan to add more services to the plugin later on, after the first version of the blog plugin is out. If anyone has suggestions for this please tell me.


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