Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Download Statistics

Happy New Year and welcome to add new plugin's to FreOffice

Firstly Happy New Year 2011!!

There is more things cooking under FreOffice in 2011.

FreOffice was presented at the FOSS.IN in Bangalore December 15-17th. We planned a hackathon to invite new contributors to add plugin's to FreOffice. You are welcome to contribute plugins or more ideas for plugins over here meanwhile we develop FreOffice further:

We also a a feedback plugin please give us feedback so that we can develop FreOffice in the direction it will help you use it better for your needs

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog plugin released

Finally got around to releasing the blog plugin. The build on the build server completed successfully. The package should be available in the repositories in a little while is available in the repositories. The package is called "freoffice-blog-plugin".

Turns out the problem with the images I mentioned in the earlier blog, is not a problem with plugin at all. The plugin is working as it was expected to. The problem was with how images were handled in the document.

So go ahead and install it. If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact me. :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

FreOffice Blog Plugin - FOBlog

Finally! The blog plugin is almost ready for use. Only one big bug remains. More about the bug later.
The FreOffice Blog plugin (FOBlog), enables blogging to Wordpress and Blogger blogs from within FreOffice. What makes it different from other blogging tools, is that it extracts content from an already existing ODT file and posts it to the blog. A nice user interface is provided to make things easier for the user as well. All the user needs to do is,
1.Create a new document in FreOffice
2. Save the document
3. Open the blog plugin.
4. Click on New Post
5. Select the ODT file and enter required details.
6. Click on post.
7. Done!!
The blog plugin opens the file, extracts its content, uploads images if any and then posts it to the blog. This post, was done from the plugin itself.
The features supported by FOBlog are.
1. Posting to WordPress & Blogger platforms.
2. Image support for both Wordpress & Blogger
3. Support for multiple accounts on either platform.
4. Encrypted storage of user details. This is shared with the online services plugin.
There are some shortcomings as well. FOBlog does not retain most of the formatting of the text in document. And also there is the big bug I mentioned earlier. All the images in a document, no matter where they occur in the document, appear at the top. As they have in this post.
Barring those short comings, FOBlog is ready for use. Look for it in a few days in the maemo repositories.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Digitally signed documents an ODF1..2 Feature in Freoffice

Digitally signed documents in the FreOffice which was demonstrated at the ODF inter-operability event at Budapest, Hungary last week, Take a look at the demo of this here:

This work was done by Sugnan Prabhu with a helping hand from Jos Vandenoever in a very time frame of 2.5 weeks this work was completely flawlessly !! Great Job Sugnan and Jos !!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FreOffice at Open Office Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

Freoffice is @ the 10th Anniversary of Open Office Conference here at Budapest, Hungary.

Freoffice will take part in ODF 1.2 Inter-operability demo event were we will showcase few new features and demo the only ODF based Mobile Office suite to inter-operate with other Office Suites and in addition we will also demonstrate the brand new features of Freoffice where it supports ODF1.2 features such as :
A. RDF for metadata representation . This feature will have in addition an integration to mobile enablers such as being able to make a call or send an email directly from the office documents and
B. Ability to view digitally signed documents.
Notes: Videos of these are already posted in this blog few days/week ago if you are interested to see what it is about.

Will share the slides which will be used during the demo.

If you are at the event do not miss out participating to the demo session !!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RDF metadata supporting coming into Freoffice

Metadata in office documents are represented by RDF  according to Open Document Formats ODF1.2 office document standards.

Imagine you are reading a document and you decide to call a person discussed in the document. well it would be easy if this follows a standard way of representing metadata data about people, location, events, etc.

So here here is a nice demo developed by Sugnan Prabhu in a very short time span  with the help from Jos Vandenoever, great work guys !!

It is particularly very valuable for mobile use case as while you are on the go you can initiate a call, send SMS back to the author to do changes to the document or provide feedback based on the track changes on.

Watch this space for more such innovations but please note not all of them might actually realise soon.